Comics Alliance includes Afterlife With Archie in its Best of 2013 list



Comics Alliance has included Afterlife With Archie as one of the best comic books of 2013, stating that As a publisher, Archie has done an amazing job of revitalizing their line over the past few years,”  and that “for a company that’s truly going after an adult audience alongside their standard kids’ fare for the first time, they’re doing an incredible job of it. Afterlife With Archie is just the latest and perhaps greatest example.”

Don’t miss out on the series everyone is talking about. Pick up the second printing of Afterlife With Archie #1 at your local comic shop, and look out for the second printing of issue #2 on January 1, 2013, or download the titles on the Afterlife With Archie App

Have you seen the unforgettable teaser image for Afterlife With Archie #3? Pick up a copy in comic shops January. 

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