Comic Book Resources picks Afterlife With Archie #3 as one of the best covers of the week

Comic Book Resources has selected Francesco Francavilla’s cover for Afterllife With Archie #3 as one of the best covers of the week


Francesco Francavilla’s cover for “Afterlife With Archie” #3 keeps with the creepy overall vibe of the series, while showcasing the artist’s knack for blending the Riverdale gang with the horrific nature of zombies. “Less is more” seems to be the overall mission statement of this cover, as only Jughead’s shifted tombstone, his hands and his crown are visible while he rises from the grave — and it’s incredibly effective. — Steve Sunu



Pick up a copy of this issue (and the Tim Seeley variant while you’re at it) this WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8th, 2014 at your local comic shop

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