Afterlife With Archie #4 Receives Praise


On the day of its release, Afterlife With Archie #4 is already being hailed as the best issue so far:

“Afterlife With Archie #4 isn’t just good. It’s perfect.” – Newsarama (10 out of 10 Review)

“Afterlife With Archie continues to be one of the most exciting books on store shelves.” – Nerdist

“…one hell of an entertaining read.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“Afterlife With Archie #4 is the best-written comic of the series so far.” – Den of Geek (5 Star Review)

“An exceptional issue of what has from the start been an exceptional series, Afterlife With Archie #4 is the finest moment yet for the sneak attack indie book of the year” – Comicosity (10 out of 10 Review)

“Afterlife With Archie is not just the most exciting comic on the shelves right now; it’s also one of the most important. I cannot stress enough how special this book is.” – Crave Online (10 out of 10 Review)

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