archieArchie Andrews is the prototypical all-American teenager. With his signature red hair, freckles and eternal optimism, Archie is the protagonist of the Archie Comics Universe and center of a love triangle with his two girlfriends, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. Archie is always affable, exhibits equal amounts of courage and selflessness, and is a very loyal friend to close pal Jughead Jones. A classic “underdog” persona, Archie often comes out on top of a situation even when it looks like the odds are against him. Which is fortunate, as being a bit of a bumbler, things don’t always go smoothly. Just ask the chemistry teacher! Archie lives with his parents, Fred and Mary Andrews. When it’s drivable, he cruises around in a car that looks like a Ford Mustang from the 1960’s. He’s a good (not great) student (tardiness and girl-watching see to that), an enthusiastic (but not top-notch) athlete, and a very responsible son… most of the time. But Archie really loses his common sense when dealing with Betty and Veronica. While Archie seems more suited to the down-to-earth Betty, he can’t keep his mind off of Veronica, the flashier and more manipulative of the two girls. Archie takes his music very seriously as leader of his own teen rock group, The Archies, in which he plays guitar and sings lead vocals. For over 65 years, Archie has been an enduring symbol of the classic American teenager. Forever 16, whether the bumbler or the ladies man, Archie finds friends in millions of readers of all ages throughout the world.

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