bettyBetty Cooper is the girl next door. She is your average small town girl; blonde hair, blue eyes, very sweet, pretty and earnest. Betty is always ready to have fun, especially where Archie is concerned. Besides having fun, Betty always finds time to do her studying and enjoys writing in her diary. In addition to her concern for the environment and other social issues, Betty’s goal is to become a famous writer. She is good at sports, can repair cars, is artistic and can make her own clothes. Betty does well in school and loves children. She has a sister named Polly and a brother named Chic. Betty is the youngest of the three siblings. Betty also sings with The Archies band and plays the tambourine. She is extremely devoted to Archie, but is most often playing second fiddle to her best friend and rival, Veronica, for his affections. Betty is generally even-keeled, but the ongoing drama of competing with Veronica for Archie can make her very emotional. She has been known to write tear-stained entries in her diary over Archie, and to be pushed so hard by Veronica that it gets her ire up, strengthening her resolve to win Archie over that much more and providing the adrenaline rush needed to successfully combat Veronica’s crafty schemes. Through every crazy, loving scheme to win Archie’s love, Betty always remains completely unaffected, loyal and sweet.

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