jugheadFORSYTHE PENDLETON “JUGHEAD” JONES III, Seemingly simplistic, Jughead’s personality is actually very complex– there’s always more to him than meets the eye. The offbeat, eccentric pal of Archie, Jughead is self-confident and never worries about what others think of the way he acts or dresses. He’s just being himself, doing things his own way! Because he doesn’t follow the pack, Jughead (a.k.a. Forsythe P. Jones) is seen by some as an outcast. However, his true friends, Archie and Betty, understand him and love him for who he is. At times, Jughead also functions as Archie’s conscience, particularly when Archie is in a dilemma over having to choose between Betty or Veronica. Yet, Jughead himself is not too interested in girls, especially when he sees what Archie goes through. He prefers keeping a low profile, especially when it comes to work. He is not a great student, but is still very, very smart. Instead, Jughead would rather march to his own beat as drummer for The Archies and eat hamburgers at his favorite hangout, Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe. Jughead often acts as a “Greek Chorus,” content to watch the action from the sidelines instead of getting directly involved, except to make snide comments. He is completely savvy in almost any situation, which makes him even smarter than the book-smart Dilton in most cases. He takes particular delight in outwittng Reggie at his own schemes. Jughead is clever, resourceful, and inventive, often able to resolve problems as if he had magical powers. He enjoys watching cooking shows, listening to jazz, reading comic books and taking long afternoon naps. He has a loyal and loveable dog named “Hot Dog” and a baby sister, “Jellybean.” Her real name is Forsythia.

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