ReggieReggie Mantle is the ultimate wise guy. Self-absorbed, handsome, a good athlete, Reggie aggravates Archie by outsmarting him, or by stealing Veronica away… for the moment! Reggie is really the antagonist to Archie’s protagonist character. He is the opposite of Archie in so many ways. Reggie is not benevolent like Archie, and he’s not willing to help unless there’s something in it for him. Modesty is not his strong suit… he’ll be the first to tell you how handsome, athletic and “great” he is! Reggie has much more money than Archie, but most of it is spent on Reggie’s favorite person…. Reggie Mantle! Reggie is a very popular guy at Riverdale High, but not always for the best of reasons– he’s famous for playing practical jokes. Reggie is the lead guitarist for The Archies and fans go nuts for his wild solos. Not content to date one girl for very long, Reggie is usually trying to get back in Veronica’s good graces after he angers her. He also has a fatal attraction to Midge Clump – fatal because her boyfriend is the ultra-strong, mega-jealous jock Big Moose! He is an independent spirit and thinker. Reggie will probably grow up to run a major corporation– that or he’ll be a used-car salesman.

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