veronicaVeronica Lodge is Riverdale’s resident rich girl and brunette bombshell. The girl who has almost everything: great looks, money, charm and some of the time…. Archie Andrews. You see, Archie is constantly torn between Betty and her “I’ll do anything for you” qualities and Veronica’s irresistible femme fatale persona. Veronica is actually both a rival and a best friend to Betty Cooper. It all depends on how Archie figures in on the equation. If Archie isn’t involved, Betty and Veronica tend to agree on many things, despite the fact that Veronica is from a much more privileged background. Her father, Hiram Lodge, is a self made multi-millionaire industrialist and venture capitalist who seems to give his only daughter pretty much everything she wants or needs. But he can’t give her Archie! …And wouldn’t if he could. However, Veronica is part of the classic love triangle between Archie and Betty. Now, in spite of the fact that Veronica has the ability to buy her way in and out of a lot of situations, she knows full well that there are some things money can’t buy. Veronica performs okay in school, but she’s not nearly the Honors Student that Betty is, which is somewhat of an annoyance to Veronica. Veronica does manage to “one up” Betty when it comes to Archie– but the two girls can never stay mad at one another for long. Veronica plays keyboard in The Archies group and is a very talented dancer as well. Veronica lives in a mansion and seems much older than her 16 years. She has traveled around the world and is the only member of the Archie gang who has really spent a lot of time outside of Riverdale. Always beautiful, always immaculately dressed and styled, Veronica is a fantasy character for a lot of young readers. Girls want to be like her and boys want to date her– or at least be friends with her! Something exciting is always happening with Veronica and visiting her huge mansion is like a trip to an amusement park!

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